Visanest Consultants facilitate their prospective students to apply to study in Malaysia on the basis of Matriculation and Intermediate certifications. Students are also eligible to apply without IELTS!

Why Malaysia?

Malaysian Study abroad programs provide students with intriguing introduction to Southeast Asia. Malaysia moves confidently into the future, focusing on its capital, the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur.

This marvelous city of one and half million people is an exciting blend of past, present and future. The city has an international gastronomic scene, vibrant nightlife, and serves as a meeting place for students from all over the world. But Malaysia is obviously more than Kuala Lumpur.

Undoubtedly, Malaysia has made its special place among the most demanding places for Pakistani and international research students. Malaysia became more valuable for Pakistani students, as there are many options for study abroad. Australia, USA, UK and Europe have become a bit difficult for Pakistani students, because it is expensive and complicated procedure of obtaining a student visa. Malaysia, by contrast, is very simple and easy way to get a student visa. You can get student Visa for Malaysia easily by simply getting our assistance.

For those less inclined to Malaysia training, there are many courses in English in a wide variety of topics. There are courses in business and international economics. Program with a focus on computer science, information technology, research, engineering and Multimedia study are also being offered in Malaysia.

English is used as the primary means of instruction for all courses conducted in private higher education institutions during Study in Malaysia. Graduate programs at government universities in English, which is the second language in Malaysia. Malaysia is a great place for foreign students from non – English speaking countries to learn English. English is widely spoken in Malaysia and study will help students to improve their English language.