Value Added Services

Visanest Consultants offers a range of Value Added Services in order to enhance the journey of its clients and foster convenience at the doorstep of its students. From pre-departure briefings to tiresome accommodation hunting, Visanest Consultants is dedicated to providing the best overall experience and ease the often time consuming procedures associated with preparing for studies.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Visanest Consultants pre-departure briefing captures a multitude of subjects to be mindful of for a student, to smoothen the adaptation and adjustment period for life at an overseas university. It is an informative and highly interactive event where our experienced personnel collaborate to share thoughts and inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences extracted from our Directors business and personal exposure overseas. One of the core objectives of the pre-departure briefing is to provide critical information to process and note carefully in order to deter any untoward issues, especially in the social sense, from occurring and to be aware of what to expect.

While the event does encompass the fundamental laws and procedures of studying overseas, it more importantly captures practices and systems to adapt into one’s lifestyle to obtain the maximum return on the investment both in tangible and non-tangible terms. A huge element of the seminar is on how to stay motivated and formulate the right habits and attitude in order facilitate the excellence and that ‘formula to success’ in life (if there is one).

Furthermore, the briefing also provides an opportunity for apprehensive parents to discuss their anxieties with experienced personnel that includes first hand access to Mr Farhan Khan (Director Admissions) and Mr Ali Naqvi (Managing Director). Students are also able to network with one another, especially with those going to the same university, city or country. These sessions are held across our entire network, twice a year. The briefing endeavors to prepare a student effectively for the environment he/she will be exposed to when attending university overseas.


Finding a home to live in is certainly not an easy task. Therefore, there is no need to go anywhere else but capitalize on our strong network and reach to find you the best accommodation facilities within the outlined budget. Visanest Consultants have an extensive network that must be utilized fully to get the best out of one’s engagement period with our staff. Our staff provides information about student accommodation, both on campus, private and shared housing, and can facilitate contact with the desired vendors. Across the globe, Visanest Consultants have a range of partners providing excellent housing facilities and services to take care of student needs in the most accommodating fashion possible, all one’s got to do is ask. 

Travel and Medical Insurance

All countries have specific regulations with regard to travel and medical insurance with respect to international students to which attention must be paid. Students are encouraged to subscribe to insurance services before departing and contact our counselors for further information. Our consolidated relationship with both the public and a range of private health service providers allows us to do all the detailed work for you, hassle-free.

Foreign Exchange

Visanest Consultants also provide Foreign Exchange solutions through our network base that offers the most competitive exchange rates. Students are advised on the various options available to them for their foreign exchange requirements. We encourage you to seek further information about our partner vendors from our qualified counselors.